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Welcome to Trinity Theological College.

What is the role of a theological college or seminary? It is to train men and women for the full time christian ministry.

However, that primary purpose has expanded to include training lay people to reflect on their mission in the public square. We also know for a fact that a theologically educated laity will be a great asset within their congregations.

Trinity Theological College (TTC) has been in the forefront of this ministry since 1948.

The vision of such an institution dawned upon missionaries who were interned in Changi prison during the Japanese Occupation. Soon after the war, the founding denominations proceeded to establish TTC.


We invite you to support our ministry in "Equipping the Saints, Engaging the World" ...


The TTC anthem was composed by Mrs Esther B Stockwell while the words were penned by her husband, Rev Dr F Olin Stockwell who was the principal of TTC from 1961 to 1967. The attractive hymn tune was rearranged in 2018 with an updated keyboard accompaniment and four-part choir harmony. Enjoy the enhanced version here.



TTC marks our 74th anniversary to celebrate the goodness and manifold blessings of God towards us.