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Advanced Degree

Master of Theology (MTh)


The Master of Theology degree at Trinity is designed for those with a strong first theological degree who are seeking advanced knowledge for either pastoral or teaching ministries. The MTh provides training in developing advanced skills in study and research and it is a good stepping-stone to more advanced research degrees such as the MLitt or the DTh.

TTC recognises that the rapid development of Asia calls for an informed and well-honed leadership from the Christian church. It also recognises the urgent need for more theological educators and theological education in the region to be strengthened. It is with all these in mind that the degree is offered. Rigour of thought with commitment to the historic Christian faith will be the defining ethos of the degree.

The MTh programme is offered in the following areas of concentration: Old Testament, New Testament, Theological Studies and Christianity in Asia. These areas of concentration are offered on the basis of the availability of faculty. TTC reserves the right not to offer any of these areas of concentration at any time.



The MTh programme is designed to be completed in one and a half years. However, students have up to three years to complete it.



The MTh degree requires the completion of four courses (usually offered in the form of seminars) and a thesis. The general course on theological research and academic writing must be taken. Theological Research and Academic Writing is only graded pass or fail, and does not count towards the final grade. The other three courses must be in an area of concentration.

The student must maintain at least a B- for all courses and pass the thesis examination in order to be eligible for graduation.


“Thanks be to God!” is all I wish to say, as it is insufficient for my words to express what God has done for the past journey in TTC that He allowed me to go through. The support, love and care of the college, my church, friends and family, the teaching and guidance of the lecturers, for which I give thanks to God! It is by His mercy and grace that God has seen me through.


MTH, Class of 2021, Evangelical Church, Vietnam

Amidst an uncertain future, ever-changing environments, energetic children, and a disruptive pandemic, I am thankful that I can hold fast to Christ who remains persistently faithful through family, friends, mentors, the Church, and God’s direct presence.


MTH, Class of 2021, Anglican, Singapore