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College life at Trinity Theological College is all about a community marked by the process of formation. Besides the formation which takes place in the classroom, a large part of our goal is achieved through the communal life of the college. TTC communal life involves:

Family and Class Groups

Our students are organised into “Family Groups”, each of which is led by a faculty member. These groups meet once a week, and provide students with opportunities for mentoring, accountability and fellowship.

In addition, there are the “Class Groups”. These consist of students belonging to the same year of study gathering weekly for activities which they plan themselves.

Chapel Services

Each week, the college community gathers for three services in the TTC Chapel: One led by a student who also delivers a short sermon (Monday); a longer student-led worship service with a faculty/guest preacher (Wednesday) and a more informal service led by a Family Group (Friday). In addition, there are evening prayer sessions and numerous informal prayer meetings.

Holy Communion services are conducted at the beginning and the end of the semester and on the last Wednesday of each month during term. Each Holy Communion service follows the liturgical pattern of a particular tradition (Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran and Free Church).

The college seeks to expose students to the richness of Christian worship because this points to the richness and diversity of God’s creation and the Church. It is hoped that the weekly chapel services will benefit not only the students but also the churches and organisations they serve in. Chapel experiences are meant to be shared so that the worship life of the sending churches might be renewed, enlivened and enriched…

Community Service

Life at TTC, in addition to study, worship, and fellowship also includes the practise of service. All students are expected to contribute one hour of service each week to the College in a suitable area. College Spring Cleaning is held once a semester. Family Groups are assigned various tasks during this exercise. All members of the community are expected to participate in this activity.

The TTC Chorale

Trinity Theological College seeks to promote worshipful sacred music through the TTC Chorale. Singers selected for the Chorale (through audition) are given training in vocal technique and a wide range of choral anthems. Opportunities to perform include the special functions of the College, such as the graduation and thanksgiving services, chapel services and occasionally at worship services of local churches. Students participating in the Chorale would be deemed as having fulfilled one hour of community service each week.

Retreats, Meals and Other Events

At the beginning of the academic year, after the orientation for new students, the entire college community gathers for a Retreat. At this event, we hold theme talks, conduct team building games and have sharing and prayer sessions, all designed to bond the community and prepare our hearts and minds for the start of a new academic year.

Every Wednesday, after our main chapel service, our community takes lunch together at the dining hall.

We also organise several exciting events throughout the academic year, like the “Cultural Night” (where the different nationalities and cultures of our students and faculty are showcased through food and performances), the Inter-College Games Day (where our college plays both competitive and non-competitive games with other seminaries in Singapore) and parties to celebrate major festivals (e.g. Chinese New Year, Mooncake Festival). We also have an active sporting culture in our college, and students gather regularly to play games like Captain’s Ball, soccer, badminton and table tennis.

We expect our students to participate fully in the communal life of the college. It is through such active participation that our call to Christian ministry is further confirmed and our perspectives broadened. Our communal life is also a setting for us to put in application the things we have learnt in our classroom and provide an opportunity for these to come alive in practical and powerful ways.