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Synod Training & Exposure Programme

The Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) is a three-week internship organised by the Presbyterian Church in Singapore’s Synod Youth Council to encourage our church’s youths to have:

– A deeper appreciation of Presbyterian doctrine and practices;
– A greater awareness of spiritual growth and ministry opportunities in his or her local church; and
– A wider experience of how the Presbyterian Church in Singapore is serving God, the Church, and the society.

Emerging from in-person Covid-19 learning restrictions, the STEP participants were excited and honoured to be able to attend the on-site classes conducted by Trinity Theological College (TTC) lecturers: Rev Dr Edmund Fong, Rev Dr Maggie Low, and Rev Dr Roland Chia.

One of the STEP participants from Bethel Presbyterian Church, Megan Poh, shared that she had an insightful and enriching experience learning from the TTC lecturers. She found that the topics covered were very applicable to today’s context and also helped frame how difficult societal issues can be approached. Another participant, Ignatius Tang, from Providence Presbyterian Church reflected:

Dr. Roland Chia’s sharing on “Christian engagement in the public space” gave me a new-found perspective on the impact and significance that we have as a Christian community on the wider national scale.

Rev Dr Maggie Low’s engagement on LGBTQ+ and its modern context allowed us to have a meaningful discussion on the issue.

I enjoyed Dr Edmund Fong’s lecture on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. It clarified many things about our Triune God, and His individual purposes.

Ignatius added that, overall, the TTC speakers provided a sound perspective on their respective topics and answered the STEP participants’ doubts with clarity while explaining the relevance of the topics to their age group. That was especially helpful for young Christians to better understand the issues discussed.

During the visit, the STEP participants were also very touched by TTC’s gracious hospitality as they were led on a campus tour by TTC students and had a chance to interact with the faculty over lunch.

We are all very grateful and give thanks to the Lord for these invaluable opportunities for the STEP participants to learn and mingle with the TTC communities. Thank you very much and God bless you all!