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Mission, Governing Authority, Statement of Faith



Trinity Theological College (TTC) serves all Christian churches and denominations by educating and equipping Christian leaders for the manifold ministries of the church across Asia.

Our mission is to train pastors, missionaries, church workers, and theological educators, including voluntary church workers.

Our training seeks to develop in students a mature understanding of the historic and biblical faith that is grounded in the reflective study of Scripture and critical engagement with the life and ministry of the church through an academically, spiritually, and vocationally formative curriculum that reflects a variety of church traditions from an Asian perspective. Our postgraduate programme fosters collaborative research on issues that impact Christianity, especially those within the Southeast Asian context.

Governing Authority

In accordance with the Articles of Union the governing churches of Trinity Theological College, namely the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran Churches shall, through duly appointed representatives, organise and perpetuate by periodic elections, a Board of Governors who shall, in the name of the governing churches carry on the work of the College.

Statement of Faith

Trinity Theological College is governed by the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran Churches. These denominations, whose theological heritage can be traced to the great sixteenth century Reformation, acknowledge and uphold the primary authority of the Bible to which all ecclesiastical traditions must be subjected.

In addition, all these great denominations and their respective founders recognise the importance of the historic creeds of the Church, namely, the Nicene Creed and the Apostles’ Creed. These Creeds not only present as non-negotiable the Trinitarian faith of the church; they also maintain that ‘God has sent his eternal Son to the world, for us and for our salvation’. As a union college, founded and governed by these mainline Protestant denominations, TTC upholds these doctrinal standards.