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Basic Degree

Bachelor of Divinity (BD)
Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Ministry in a Changing World

The primary degree programme at TTC is the Bachelor of Divinity (BD) or Master of Divinity (MDiv). The curriculum, as presented here, takes effect from 2011. The critical qualities that the curriculum seeks to inculcate are conviction, competence and compassion. This is forged from the Faculty’s perception of the trends in our geopolitical region and churches. Ministry is often treated as being simply service-providing, with the attendant competition to build the largest church. Church members’ requests and expectations often command the agenda, even though they may be short-sighted. That which gives the heartbeat to the Christian ministry is neglected – the gospel and the divine call to proclaim it – and sometimes sold for secular pottage. Not surprisingly, the attrition rate in the ministry is on the rise. Furthermore, biblical literacy and the ability to understand and handle texts continue to wane. Westernisation brings about a forgetfulness of our own roots, not to mention ignorance of how the Church in Southeast Asia has arisen, especially during the post-war period. All this calls for a curriculum that intentionally lays strong foundations, and facilitates the development of competence for engaging with changing trends.

It is thus intentional that graduates of this programme be able to teach and transmit the apostolic faith, bear witness creatively to the gospel in a changing world, and lead and nurture the flock of God. Using the acronym of TTC as a mnemonic device, the graduates are to be tenacious tradents, terrene theologians and caring church-people (or church leaders). Ad fontes is one major concern but this is emphasised not out of antiquarian interest, but for the sake of feeding upon and mining the God-given resources for the tasks of engaging creatively with the world and shepherding God’s flock. Times change but the Word of God endures forever.



The programme is designed to be completed in three years, when a full load is taken.
However, students who are residents in Singapore have up to seven years to complete it.


To graduate, a student must:

  1. Complete all core courses and community requirements;
  2. Fulfil at least 96 credit hours for BD/MDiv;
  3. Obtain an average GPA score of at least 2.3.

I am grateful to my lecturers for being examples of faith and also illuminating the character, truths and works of God in a manner that allowed me to have a greater sense of wonder at his glory. I also thank God for the TTC community through which I have witnessed and experienced God’s love and grace as we learnt to live, learn with and serve each other.


MDiv, Class of 2024, Presbyterian, Singapore

Through out time in TTC, we studied scripture, reflected on God and his world, and discussed the practical ways we can live out our faith.


MDiv, Class of 2024, Evangelical Free Church, Singapore

Through chapel services and lectures, family groups and class groups, mentors and lecturers, hostel mates and classmates, the Bible and textbooks, I have been given an enlarged and enhanced vision with which I see darkness in its true scale and ferocity as well as the Light in its unsurpassed brilliance and finality.


MDiv, Class of 2024, Independent, Malaysia

My thinking and attitudes have been shaped through this time and I am inspired to be a light just as the lecturers and my peers have been. There is much to be thankful for TTC and I hope to be a light just as the giants who have gone before me have been.


MDiv, Class of 2024, Anglican, Singapore