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TTC Orientation 2021

2021’s TTC Orientation saw a bumper crop of 70 new students, almost half of whom are international students. This comes in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Heightened Alerts which resulted in the orientation being held online.

While largely online, community spirit was felt by the students as there were opportunities for fellowship over group ice-breakers and campus tours which were held in intimate groups of five.

One of the most exciting prospects for students was the anticipation of journeying with and learning alongside Christians from other denominations and learning from one another; after all, “Pilgrims” was the theme for the event.

For some international students such as David Kang (DTh), the journey was not always easy. They had originally intended to start at TTC in 2020 but the pandemic struck, closing that door.  Many were stranded  in their home countries, uncertain about the future.  But David sees it as a blessing since the past year allowed rekindling ties with family and friends. Orientation was especially special for these students, whom God eventually opened the doors for to join the TTC family this year – to journey together with Christians from other cultures and denominations.

The orientation ended with the Rite of Passage where each student sat in silent contemplation in the presence of God and how He has carried and sustained them and will continue to do so in their time in TTC. To God be the glory!

By Jabez Fong (MDiv 2)