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Be better equipped to live out your faith in Jesus Christ
and serve more effectively in ministry. Trinity Theological College’s EQUIP courses are designed for Christian ministry staff, missionaries, lay leaders, and everyday Christians alike. You know EQUIP is robust and effective when many of our own alumni, who are pastors, and other pastors regularly attend our courses for their own continuing education. EQUIP courses are open to all Christians, with no prequalifications required. Youth, young adults, and seniors are all welcome. Participants from outside Singapore can also access our evening online courses.

EQUIP offers a broad and extensive curriculum
that is taught by world-class instructors. Dip or dive deep into the Bible, theology, missions, church history, and gain insight into current issues and ministry concerns. Whether you prefer to learn at your own pace or maximise your learning following our two-year course schedule, you’ll benefit from engaging with expert instructors and diverse participants in EQUIP courses.

Designed with a structure that is both holistic and flexible,
EQUIP courses can be accessed on an ad hoc basis or as a pathway to attain certification. Registration for certification can be for self-enrichment or for church staff or ministry team training. Here are our three certification pathways:

Begin by exploring the courses currently offered or consider pursuing a certificate or licentiate path. Review the detailed guidelines and browse the two-year course schedule. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].

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What is EQUIP?

EQUIP is a lay training initiative of Trinity Theological College. EQUIP courses are designed with lay Christians in mind and offer theological education for Christians who desire to be well equipped to live out their faith in Jesus Christ and for effective and faithful ministry. EQUIP courses offer a range of topics in systematic theology, biblical studies, missions, church history, ministry, and current issues.

These courses are engaged at depth by EQUIP instructors that include both TTC faculty and other guest lecturers, all of whom are highly qualified subject matter experts in their fields. Consequently, many of our own alumni and other pastors, Christian ministry staff, missionaries, and lay leaders also attend our courses for their own continuing education.

EQUIP Evening Courses (Online), Workshops (In-Person) and Other Initiatives

EQUIP offers four evening courses (online) and one workshop (in-person) every quarter. Each EQUIP evening course (online) runs for seven weekday evenings (Mon-Thu; 7.30–9.30pm) via Zoom. Each EQUIP workshop (in-person) runs for three Saturday mornings (8.30am–1pm) at TTC. EQUIP participants who take our courses and workshops for credit and for our certificate programs need to complete a written assignment of 1,500–2,000 words. EQUIP courses and workshops are open to all Christians and there are no formal or academic entry requirements.

EQUIP also organises other initiatives from time to time. These include special lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, webinars, podcasts, and other special events.


Registration for Certificate and Licentiate Programmes

If you wish to just audit our courses on an ad hoc basis or at your own pace, you do not need to register for a certificate or licentiate programme. However, if you wish to take the courses for credit, undertake assignments, and register for the CCM, LCM or LMP programmes, please email us at [email protected].

Course Schedules and Courses Open for Registration

EQUIP courses are made available for registration on a quarterly basis. Please check back here to see new courses that are available for registration or email us to be included in our mailing list.

>> Click here for Courses Open for Registration.

EQUIP offers a range of topics attending equally to the Bible, theology, church history, missions, ministry, and current issues. Each two-year schedule contains all the courses required to complete our certificate and licentiate programmes.

>> Click here for Course Schedule 2024-2025.

Course details including the synopsis of each course offered and brief biodata of the course instructors are also available.

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Fees & Registration

(1) Evening courses (online)—$100 a course;
(2) Workshops (in-person)—$150 a workshop.

TTC alumni and current matriculated students may attend EQUIP courses free of charge but registration is required. Spouses of current matriculated students only need to pay $50 for an evening course and $75 for a workshop.

Registrations are done via Eventbrite and payment is by credit card.

Contact EQUIP

For more information, please email [email protected].