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From a local church perspective, what does the mission of the church really entail or involve? What has it got to do with the average member in our congregation? How are churches called to fulfil the missionary mandate and how can the whole Church be involved in participating in and supporting the whole Mission of God to all the World? We will explore the notion of why and how we mobilise our churches for missions in 3 sessions. The first session will focus on building a strong theology of missions as underpinning the very purpose of the church— its raison d’être‑by looking at the concept of the mission of God in Scripture, and the types or expressions of missionary practice called forth. In the second session, we will explore the practice of missionary mobilisation through a missionary-centred approach. This will include identifying the right training, theological preparation and capacity building for support and flourishing of the missionary on the field. We look at all areas of the mobilisation process, from recruitment to long-term deployment. In the third session, we will explore the roles and responsibilities of the sending base, be it a church or mission agency. These will cover areas like local church mission policy, the recruitment process, and on-going missionary care in the field and on their return. This course is for Christians concerned with mission and especially pertinent for missions coordinators and committees.


Rev Manik Corea is a Singaporean of Sri Lankan/Indian descent. He is currently the National Director of the Singapore Centre for Global Missions (SCGM) and Associate Pastor of Crossroads International Church in Singapore. In the past 22 years, Manik has served as a missionary with the New Anglican Missionary Society (NAMS) in the USA, UK, Thailand, and Singapore. He is ordained in the Anglican Church of North America and serves his diocese as Global Consultant in Missions. Manik has a Masters in Intercultural Studies (Church-Planting) from Asbury Theological Seminary and is currently enrolled in their Doctor of Ministry programme.

Mobilising Churches for Mission

Rev Manik Corea

2024 Aug 17, 24, 31 (Saturdays)

8.30am to 1pm

Trinity Theological College
490 Upper Bukit Timah Road (Hillview MRT)

Free for TTC Alumni and TTC Matriculated Students – Registration Required

Participants must attend all three sessions and pass the course assignments to complete each workshop.

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