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STEP Programme 2021 – No restrictions to learning amid COVID

The objective of the Presbyterian Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) is to equip and inspire young adults to serve in local Presbyterian churches. They are introduced to the Presbyterian heritage, theological studies, and practical ministry. This year’s programme in May 2021 was held online due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it certainly did not restrict the 35 young people’s passion in learning. Here are what some of them said about sessions held by TTC lecturers:

Dr Roland Chia’s lecture on Faith in the Public Square was a really interesting yet a hard wake up call for me. He touched on how we as Christians are to witness both at home, in our personal lives, as well as stand together on an official(national) level. One thing that Dr Roland Chia said that really stood out for me was that Christian civility does not mean we compromise on the truth, acting in a civil manner as well as saying the truth do not oppose one other. So as we continue living in this sinful world, we are to still speak the truth and stay civilised as we interact with others! It has truly been an enriching experience! – Jeremy

I really enjoyed Rev Dr Maggie’s lecture on violence in the Old Testament! I realised that there were many issues about violence within the Old Testament that I’d never questioned before, and it was really great to sit down and be allowed to ask. Through a rigorous thought process of contemplating the different contexts in the Old Testament we were brought through, I learnt to trust God more too! – Jessica

In the session on the teachings of John Calvin, Rev Dr Edmund Fong gave a systemic and coherent presentation on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit which has helped me to understand more about the Spirit’s role in the Bible! It was an eye-opening lesson as I got to understand more about how the Holy Spirit – as Spiritus Perfector and as a mediator, helps us to conform to our creator. I’ve particularly enjoyed the lesson as it was also a reminder to begin to recognise the Spirit’s work in my own life, and to see how miraculous and yet ‘unseen’ His power has over my life. – Clarice