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Dr Jeffrey Truscott Teaching in Nias, Indonesia

During the mid-semester break in September, Dr Jeffrey Truscott taught an introductory course on worship at Seminari Theoloji Tinggi, a school of the Nias Christian Protestant Church (BNKP), located on Nias island, Indonesia. The class consisted of second-year students in the Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) programme, most of whom will become pastors or lay professional workers in churches of the BNKP. (To his surprise and delight Dr Truscott found that students were able to sing traditional Lutheran hymns from memory, including Martin Luther’s Christmas hymn, “From Heaven Above to Earth I Come.”)

Dr Truscott’s teaching was interpreted by Rev. Juliman Harefa, the school’s academic dean, and by the Rev. Fotani Ziliwu, who serves as the librarian. The invitation to teach at STT-BNKP came via the Rev. Basa Hutabarat, Executive Secretary of the National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation, Indonesia. Rev Hutabarat is an alumna of TTC (M Min, 2000).

On his last day in Nias, Dr Truscott lectured on Martin Luther’s worship reforms before a gathering of BNKP pastors