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Student Organisation

Students assume many important roles that contribute to the operational and recreational vitality of the College. While ad hoc initiatives by students are welcome, there are also organised bodies that students can be a part of.

The Student Council

The student body is represented by the Student Council. The Council consists of a president, who is elected from the student body, as well as class representatives, the hostel chairpersons, the food committee chairperson and the immediate past president of the council who acts as an advisor. The Dean of Students represents the faculty on the Council.

The Council sends representatives to the Spiritual Formation and Community Living Committee. The Council also has its committees taking care of student activities, student concerns, and missions.

Contact the student council via [email protected]

TTC Student Council 2024

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Hostel Committee

The Halls of Residence are run by the respective wardens and hostel committees. The hostel committees are responsible for the smooth running of the hostel and for promoting fellowship and interaction among hostelites.

Food Committee

The food committee, with the help of all resident students, is responsible for the daily provision of food for residential students. In addition, all community lunches and dinners are planned by this committee.

Orientation Committee

In conjunction with the faculty, the Student Council appoints an ad hoc committee to organise the orientation programmes at the beginning of the academic year.