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The College has 110 single hostel rooms for male and female students. The rooms are arranged in clusters of 12 units each. One and two bedroom flats are available for married students. Due to the limited number of such flats, priority is given to overseas students. All single rooms and flats are furnished.

All residents will have to sign a contract of stay for a full academic year (two semesters) at the beginning of the year. The deposit may be forfeited if the student breaks the contract.

Halls of Residence

St John’s Hall

St John’s Hall is the men’s hostel. Beyond just providing room and board, it has been a place where strong bonds of friendship are forged. Hostel life in St John’s also represents an opportunity to put into practice all that the students have learnt in the classroom, as we serve God and one another in practical and concrete ways.

A recent graduate, Joshua Woo, reminisces of his time at St John’s: “Two remarkable things about St. John’s Hall are its communal culture and spiritually vibrant atmosphere. My three years in the hall have played an extremely important role in making concrete what I have learned about God and helping me grow as a person.”

Sophia Hall

Sophia Hall is the hall of residence for ladies. One of the hallmarks of Sophia Hall is the close-knit bonds that are formed between the residents. These continue to develop long after their graduation from the college.

Many speak fondly of their stay at Sophia Hall. Phuong Do, an alumna, recollects:

“I love this hostel. In the privacy of the well-furnished single rooms, I could concentrate on studying and enjoy a comfortable rest. We are, however, not isolated in this private oasis, as we use the common lounge to chit chat, watch TV or have supper together. There is truly a vibrant community life. Furthermore, the shared duties in the hostel help us grow to be responsible and caring towards others.”

St Peter’s Hall

St Peter’s Hall is the hall of residence for Anglican students at Trinity Theological College. It was established to serve two roles: As a hostel for Anglican ordination candidates studying at TTC and as a centre for Anglican theological training for the Diocese of Singapore. The heart of St Peter’s Hall is the discipline and ordering of worship according to the Anglican tradition.

In the words of Dino Thangamany, a recent graduate from the Anglican Church, “Seminary is not just about academic learning, but also about cultivating spiritual disciplines, habits and patterns of regular prayer and the daily digesting of God’s word. It is about observing ministry in action and coming together for corporate worship. It is about affecting one another’s spiritual formation. We have been blessed in all these aspects by our involvement in St Peter’s Hall.”

Family Residences

Besides housing for single students, the College has a few apartments for students with small families, consisting of one and two-bedroom furnished units. Families living on campus form strong communal bonds, as they interact on an almost daily basis with one another, with their children frequently playing together.