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Financial Information


As a result of the continuing support of churches and individuals, students including international students at TTC are charged about 30% of the actual cost of education. It is therefore imperative that they be responsible for the chargeable cost. The College deems it the responsibility of prospective and current students to ensure they have sufficient financial means to complete their studies at TTC.

The costs for the different degrees are tabulated as follows:
(1) Tuition fee and other College fees;
(2) Accommodation and living expenses;
(3) Recommended allowances; and
(4) Cost for international students.

Note 1: GST at 9% for some items.
Note 2: All fees, charges and recommended expenses may be changed from time to time to keep pace with inflation.

Download Financial Information on the cost of study and living expenses at TTC.

All students remain fully responsible for financial obligations relating to their study and living expenses in Singapore. In addition, students on scholarships/bursaries are accountable to their sponsor(s) and/or sponsoring agencies and organisation(s).

Please note that incomplete disclosure of financial information at the point of application for admission or during the study period may result in the disqualification of financial aid and/or review of the student’s status. Every student, including those who are sponsored, should exercise due diligence by assessing, planning and managing one’s financial situation in a prudent and accountable manner.