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Basic Degree

Master of Theological Studies (MTS)



Applicants must be baptised Christians and members (at least three years) in good standing with their churches. The applicants must be at least 21 years old by 1 July of the year in which they wish to enter the College.


Language Proficiency

English Proficiency Result for applicants whose medium of instruction is not in English.



Minimum Qualification

The minimum qualification for the MTS is a degree from a recognised university.


Credit Transfer (Basic Degrees)

(1) Validation tests may be required for the following categories of students.

(a) Those seeking credit transfer of work of unknown quality.
(b) Those seeking advanced credit standing for learning done in informal learning situations.
(c) Those who have accumulated credits beyond 3 years at the time of matriculation. A validation test fee of S$110 (inclusive of GST) is chargeable for each course.

(2) Only matriculated students’ request for credit transfer will be considered. Students seeking credit transfer from recognised accredited institutions will need to provide:
(i) transcript send directly to the Registrar’s Office from the institution;
(ii) course syllabus; and
(iii) assignment and examination papers to the Registrar’s Office for assessment.

(3) Transfer credits may not exceed 50% of that programme’s curriculum.





All new students are required to attend an orientation programme at the start of the academic year. The programme, which is jointly organized by the Faculty and Student Council, aims to acquaint students with various aspects of College life, community living and expectations and requirement of a theological student.


God is gracious and faithful to sustain me to have an enriching experience in the TTC community in which I learn, worship, serve and fellowship with my schoolmates. TTC’s lecturers and non-teaching staff have been part of my spiritual journey.


MDiv, Class of 2018, Independent, Singapore

I learnt a lot from everyone in TTC, including the faithful and compassionate lecturers.


MDiv, Class of 2019, Methodist, Singapore