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Financial Assistance


Scholarships from Governing Churches

The governing churches recognise that it is their responsibility to assist their own students. Scholarships provided by these churches are usually sufficient to cover the students’ tuition, room and board, text books and personal expenses. These scholarships are administered by the respective churches. Applicants should refer to their own local churches or denominational agencies for advice.

1. Anglican

Anglican students of the Diocese of Singapore may speak to their own Vicars or Priests about their study plans. The parish clergy may then discuss with the Warden of St Peter’s Hall how best to jointly support the student.

The Warden
St Peter’s Hall
Trinity Theological College
490 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678093

2. Methodist

• Methodist Church in Singapore Scholarship for Trinity Theological College

Methodist students from Asia and other parts of the world may apply for this scholarship, which covers tuition, book allowance, room and board.

Applicants who are eligible to apply for the Methodist Church in Singapore Scholarship may submit the MCS Application Form.

Methodist students from Malaysia should contact the Chairman, Board of Ministry, for scholarships of their respective Conferences.

• Soon Hong Kee Scholarship

Open to students of the Chinese Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Singapore (CAC) and the Chinese Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Malaysia. To apply, please write to:

The Soon Hong Kee Scholarship
c/o The Principal
Trinity Theological College
490, Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678093

The Soon Hong Kee Scholarship is supported by the Trust Fund set up by Mr Soon Boon Seng and his family in memory of his father for the training of candidates to serve the Chinese Methodist Churches in Singapore and Malaysia in full-time Christian ministry. The scholarship covers only tuition fees. Condition: scholarship awardees have to serve the church for the period equal to the tenure of the Scholarship.

3. Presbyterian

Students from Presbyterian churches may apply for Synod Scholarship. Application forms can be obtained from the Synod Office through the Presbytery Executive Secretaries of the English Presbytery and the Chinese Presbytery. Applicants need to apply through and with the endorsement of their local churches. Further enquiries can be directed to the two Presbytery Executive Secretaries.

4. Lutheran

Students of the Lutheran Church of Singapore should contact the Secretary, Education Committee of the LCS through their local church pastor.

Scholarships/Bursaries Administered by TTC

Through the generous support and partnership of churches, institutions and individuals who share in TTC’s mission of equipping full-time pastors, missionaries, theological educators and Christian leaders for ministry, TTC is able to provide a limited number of scholarships for selected applicants.

Please use this form to apply for any of the scholarship below, unless otherwise indicated.

1. Chen Su Lan Scholarship

The Chen Su Lan Scholarship is established by TTC with funds provided by the Donor, the Chen Su Lan Trust for Doctor of Theology (DTh) study at TTC. The Scholarship is named in honour of Dr Chen Su Lan, whose Methodist faith was exemplified in a life of social service to the community.

The objective of this Scholarship is to assist the training and development, at doctoral level, of persons who are engaged in Christian ministries or theological education within Asia, so as to bring about maturation in the study and teaching of theology in Asia, and, in turn, to help the Asian Church play an effective role in the betterment of Asian societies.

Please download the information and application form of Chen Su Lan Scholarship.

2. Faith Methodist Church Scholarship

The Faith Methodist Church scholarship is made possible through the generous donations of Faith Methodist Church of Singapore, with a vision to contribute significantly to the growth and maturation of churches in Asia by supporting the theological training and equipping of Asian Christian workers and pastors. It is open to Asian Christians, who have been earmarked by their sending churches or Christian organisations for leadership development.

Please download the information and application form of Faith Methodist Church Scholarship.

3. Wesley Methodist Church Scholarship

The aim of the Wesley Methodist Church Scholarship is to provide financial support for theological students who intend to serve in full-time Christian ministry, and are seeking to study at Trinity Theological College under its BD, MDiv, MTh or DTh programmes. Applicants are referred by TTC and may be from non-Methodist churches.

Please use this application form to apply.

4. Other TTC Scholarships

A few other scholarships are also available, supported by certain individuals and private donors. The fund are very limited.

Please use this application form to apply.


Bishop Chang Guan Hong’s Theological Fund

The family of Bishop Chang Guan Hong offers a scholarship to assist applicants in theological studies up to the doctoral level.

Please read the details of the scholarship here.

The Brash Scholarships

This scholarship was established by Murray Bruce Brash who was born in Eastbourne, England in 1913 and studied law at Cambridge. Thereafter he came to Singapore to work with Allen and Gledhill, a well-known law firm. When the war broke out, he joined the Legal Branch of the Royal Air Force. After the war he resumed his partnership with Allen and Gledhill, retiring in 1959. However he was soon persuaded to continue legal practice in a private capacity until 1978. He died on 24 August 1982.

His reason for establishing a Trust for scholarships was twofold:

a) To help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ; and

b) To assist needy persons in their preparation for full-time Christian work/missions.

It was his greatest desire that through this Trust, men of sound character and academic quality will be prepared to occupy positions of leadership, ministry and mission outreach in the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The conditions for award are:

a) Applicants must be male Chinese citizens of Singapore or male Malaysian or Indonesian subjects;

b) Applicants must be of an approved Protestant denomination or background;

c) Applicants must be born-again Evangelicals of sound character;

d) Applicants must be preparing for full-time Christian work/missionary service; and

e) Applicants must be financially needy.

All application form should be submitted to The Brash Trust in softcopy and mail to [email protected]

Tel: (65) 6236 3333
Fax: (65) 6236 4399
Email: [email protected]