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Advanced Degree

Master of Theology (MTh)


A good first degree in theology. In the context of Asia, this is usually an MDiv degree from an accredited theological school.  Special consideration may be given to a candidate with a good BD or BTh degree. For those seeking to do biblical studies, a good pass in OT Hebrew or NT Greek is necessary.

Language Proficiency

English Proficiency for English programme applicants whose medium of instruction is not in English.

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TTC has equipped me with the theological knowledge, academic skills and the much-needed courage to continue pursuing my long-time dream of becoming a theologian and a trainer of Christian leaders.


MTH, Class of 2019, Methodist, India

What could have been a lonely research journey was made stimulating and enjoyable with the TTC community coming alongside to support me. I am deeply grateful to the many who have supported me over the past two years.


MTH, Class of 2019, Methodist, Singapore