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Advancing into the next Decade


Trinity Theological College has been blessed by many supporters since its founding 70 years ago.  Our careful stewardship of funds has ensured that the college continues to fulfil its primary commitment to theological education to serve the church.  While regular financial support provides for the day-to-day expenses of TTC, there are also special areas of need which form the other pillars of our ministry.  At the 70th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner, we presented two needs and the budget which is spread over the next ten years.   We would like to share them with readers and invite you to support these two projects of our college.

EQUIP: A TTC Lay Training Initiative (Project Code : NP_Equip)

The changing landscape for Christian witness today requires lay people to be adequately equipped in theology and the Word. With more working adults enrolling in our night classes, TTC is broadening its initiatives and making its theological and biblical expertise even more accessible. We are working closely with churches and Christian groups to offer relevant courses that meet the standards of quality instruction.

Through EQUIP, TTC will extend its scope of ministry to nurture lay people for their vital roles in society, both in the Church and in the public square; and to contribute positively where pastors and full-time parish workers cannot. Given its tradition of excellence in lay training, our College is well-poised to enlarge this strategic role.

This would require TTC to make major investments to gradually build up its capacity and resources to expand its theological expertise to benefit a larger pool of people.

Funding Required:  To sustain and expand the EQUIP programme for the next 10 years (at S$34,000 x 10 years) will cost S$340,000.

IT and Library Resources (Project Code: NP_Library)

In TTC’s next phase of growth, we envision the College to advance in research and the training of doctoral students for Asia. This will dovetail with the long-standing desire of many Asian Christians for a theological centre of excellence to be established within Asia: a centre that can hold its own against the very best in the world. With this in place, Asian researchers and those earmarked for faculty development do not have to look to the West for advanced training or facilities.

Two challenges confront us. The first is the rapid development in information technology and delivery systems of educational products or services, which  offer strategic opportunities for creating a more effective platform and environment for education.

The second challenge concerns library resources. Advanced theological research and training is heavily dependent on library resources. While we have achieved much, there is no let-up in the number of publications being produced. Along with this, delivery systems of information continue to evolve. All this means that the library has to continue acquiring resources and also start investing in new formats and systems of information delivery.

Funding Required:  Expanding and transforming the library for the next 10 years (at S$130,000 x 10 years) will cost S$1.3 million.

We commit these upcoming projects to your prayerful consideration and joyful participation.  We are excited to reap a bountiful harvest in the coming years, as the Lord leads, and make a public announcement once the target is reached.

We invite you to participate in our next phase:

  • By Cheque

Make payable to ‘Trinity Theological College’ (indicate the <Project Code> on reverse side of cheque)

Mail to: The Principal, 490 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678093

  • By Bank transfer or PayNow QR code

By bank or ATM transfer to our DBS current account 033–017261–3

Please email us at [email protected] about your transaction detail, indicating the <Project Code> therein so that we can acknowledge your gift.