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TTC was established at a time when the founding denominations in Malaysia and Singapore were not yet separate entities. Malaysian denominations continued to be represented on the Board of Governors even after they restructured along national lines. In recent years, Malaysia’s Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations decided to withdraw from the TTC Board in order to focus on the needs of their own seminaries. Therefore, the TTC Board of Governors is now fully Singaporean.

TTC’s commitment to equip lay people takes another step forward. It has begun offering Spiritual Guidance and Weekend Retreats to lay people to develop strong spiritual discipline. Four weekend retreats are offered annually.

Six seminaries together with Ethos co-organised a one-day conference on ‘Human Sexuality, Marriage and the Church’ at St Andrew’s Cathedral. This is the first joint effort of Singapore seminaries, the result of an initiative several years ago when TTC hosted a meeting of principals.

TTC and the Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST) launches a joint Diploma in Theological Studies (DipTS). The DipTS is meant for Christians who desire strong foundations in the understanding of their faith. BGST and TTC strongly believe that a bigger pool of theologically trained people in the Church will result in establishing a much stronger and broader base for Church growth.