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Dr Tan Loe Joo

Dr Tan Loe Joo

BEng Hons., Electrical Engineering (National University of Singapore)
MEng, Electrical Engineering (National University of Singapore)
MDiv, Biblical Languages (Regent College, Vancouver, Canada)
MTh, Systematic Theology (Trinity Theological College, Singapore)
PhD, (Divinity) (University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK)

Denomination: Brethren

Area of Research: Theology (C/E)

Research interest:
Patristic theology, Trinitarian Theology of Religions, Eastern Orthodoxy, Post-Vatican II Catholicism

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Dr Tan Loe Joo is a Lecturer in Systematic and Historical Theology at Trinity Theological College. He was previously a full-time staff with the Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES) in charge of NUS Campus Ministry, and a Senior Member of Technical Staff (SMTS)/Project Manager of the Centre for Electronic Warfare at DSO National Laboratories. He and his family worship at Ang Mo Kio Gospel Hall (Brethren), where he also maintains a teaching and pulpit ministry.

Online Profile

Research Interests

  • Patristic theology
  • Trinitarian Theology of Religions
  • Eastern Orthodoxy
  • Post-Vatican II Catholicism


Peer-reviewed Research Articles

  • “’Things are not what they seem’: Dominus Iesus, Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue”, Journal of Ecumenical Studies, vol 48 no 4 (Fall 2013), pp. 523-543.
  • “Gavin D’Costa’s Trinitarian Theology of Religions: An Assessment,” New Blackfriars. 1055 (Jan 2014), pp. 88-104.
  • “The Catholic Theology of Religions: A Survey of Pre-Vatican II and Conciliar attitudes towards other religions”, Scottish Journal of Theology, vol 67 no 3, pp. 285-303.
  • 〈犁头与刀剑——前尼西亚教会的战争伦理观〉(Ploughshares and swords – The Ethics of War for the Pre-Nicene Church),“战争与和平:冲突、暴力与和平的神学反思”,《建道学刊》第46期,页119-134
  • LJ Tan, SP Yeo. “Unified Formulas for Analysis of Symmetrical Five-port Microstrip Ring Couplers (when implemented in various forms)”, International Journal of Microwave and MillimeterWave ComputerAided Engineering, vol 7 no 4, pp. 309-317.
  • SP Yeo, LJ Tan. “Symmetrical N-port Microstrip Ring Couplers”, International Journal of Microwave and MillimeterWave ComputerAided Engineering, vol 6 no 2, pp. 100-106.
  • SP Yeo, LJ Tan. “Modelling and Testing of Symmetrical N-port Planar Power Dividers”, Proceedings of ICCS ’94, vol. 1, 241-245.


  • The Trinity and The Religions, Lexington Books/Fortress Academic, 2018

Publisher’s link:
Amazon link:

  • Religious Pluralism: A Christian Perspective, Bible Society of Singapore, 2016

Publisher’s link:

Other Articles

  • “οὐσία, ὑπόστασις and ἐπίνοια: St Basil’s Contribution to the Development of Trinitarian Doctrine”, Trinity Theological Journal, no 21 (2013), pp. 1-15.
  • 〈从重洗派的教会观看今天新加坡华文教会的处境〉(The relevance of the Anabaptist movement for the Chinese Church in Singapore),载《信仰心•当代情:三一神学院华文部讲师文集》,刘毓江、刘淑平、林德平编,页40-52。新加坡:三一神学院,2013。
  • “Exploring the Doctrine of the Trinity as a Resource for Human Society.” In Visions of a Good Society in Southeast Asia: Social Imaginaries and Inter-Religious Dialogue, edited by Ming Shun Chiang, pp. 125-132. Singapore: Trinity Theological College Publication, 2018.
  • “The Holy Spirit: Retrieving the Patristic Pneumatology of the Fourth Century.” In Spirit Wind: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Global Theology—a Chinese Perspective, edited by Peter L. H. Tie and Justin T. T. Tan, 128-146. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publishing, 2020.
  • Book Review of “Towards Better Disagreement: Religion and Atheism in Dialogue” by Paul Hedges, London: Jessica Kingsley, 2017. Asian Journal of Theology 31, no. 2 (2017): 139-143.

Presentations and Conferences

  • 2013-09-25, FES Theological Consultation on “Theology of the Jubilee” by Chris Wright. Response paper – “Gregory of Nyssa’s αποκατάστασις and the Theology of Restoration”.
  • 2013-12-13, FES华文组青年神学营 – “谈‘性’色不变”
  • 2015-10-30 to -31, 香港建道神学院国际学术研讨会 – “犁头与刀剑:早期教会的战争伦理观”

Popular Writings

  • 2013-12, “The Church and Same-Sex Attraction”, Trumpet, pp. 6-7.
  • 2013-12, “神眼中的同性恋行为”, 角声, 页6-7
  • 2014-08, “‘祂升天,坐在全能父上帝的右边’— 使徒信经的再思”, 角声, 页1-2
  • 2015-04, “’He Ascended and Sitteth…’: Pastoral Reflections on the Ascension”, Trumpet, pp. 1-2.
  • 2015-07 Feature article for ETHOS – “Modern Christian Martyrdom”
  • 2015-12, 〈道在人间:基督徒的工作观〉, 角声, 页6-7
  • 2016-04, “Is True Worship ‘Use-less?’”, Theology of Worship Series Part 1, Trumpet, pp. 6-7.
  • 2016-08, “True Worship isn’t found in this World”, Theology of Worship Series Part 2, Trumpet, pp. 6-7.
  • 2016-12, “True Worship is Trinitarian in Character”, Theology of Worship Series Part 3, Trumpet, pp. 6-7.
  • 2017-08 Credo – “Should Everyone Study Theology?: Yes and No
  • 2017-04, “纯全的动机”, 敬拜的真谛(一), 角声, 页6-7。
  • 2017-08, “真敬拜非世上找得到”, 敬拜的真谛(二), 角声, 页6-7。
  • 2018-07 Ethos Institute feature article: A Common Platform
  • 2017-12, “敬拜的对象是‘圣三一’”, 敬拜的真谛(三), 角声, 页6-7。
  • 2019-08, “神学适乎众信徒?”,, 角声, 页1-2。
  • 2019-10-21 Credo article – Conditional Immortality
  • 2020-04-01 Special article – A Christian Theology of Life and Death
  • 2020-04, “都是女人的错吗?”,, 角声, 页1-2。
  • 2020-09 Feature article – One Saved, is the Entire Family Saved?
  • 2021-04, “一人信主,全家都得救吗?”,, 角声, 页4-5。

Courses Taught

  • Systematic Theology I, II
  • Historical Theology I, II
  • Spiritual Theology
  • Patristic Trinitarianism
  • Theology of Religions
  • Philosophy for Understanding Theology

Other Awards

  • Professional Memberships:
    • The Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)
    • American Academy of Religion (AAR)
  • Awards:
    • Trinity Theological College – Dr Timothy YH Chow Memorial Scholarship, Best Thesis (Systematic Theology), 2009
    • Graduates Christians Fellowship Scholarship – 2009-2012
    • Brash Scholarship – 2009-2012
    • National University of Singapore – Faculty of Engineering Book Prize, 1994
  • Peer reviewer
    • Journal of Research on Christian Education
  • Adjunct Lecturer (2017 – )
    • Nanyang Technological University (NTU), S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS)
      • Course code: AS6041 Christianity and Religious Diversity