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Mandarin-speaking Women Theological Educators Conference

Rev. Yap Seok Chin was invited by the Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia (FTESEA) to attend the Mandarin-speaking Women Theological Educators Conference from June 22-25, 2019 held at All Saints’ Church in Hong Kong.

Under the leadership of FTESEA consultant, Professor Kwok Pui Lan, 18 women theological educators from East Asia and South-East Asia gathered to share and discuss issues faced by women theological educators in their respective contexts. There were 6 representatives from China, 4 each from Taiwan and Hong Kong, 2 each from Malaysia and Singapore and another FTESEA representative from the United States. Participants ended the conference with various suggestions for the FTESEA to consider support in order to enhance women theological educators in four strategic areas of ministry: Research and Publication, Training, Resource, and Funding.