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Dr Jeffrey Truscott at Methodist School of Music Worship Symposium 2019

Worship and Liturgy lecturer Dr Jeffrey Truscott served as keynote speaker at the Methodist School of Music (MSM) Symposium  held at MSM and TTC June 20 to 22 under the theme of “Gathered as One.” The Worship Symposium saw pastors, worship leaders, worship planners, liturgists, prayer leaders, musicians, choral conductors, song leaders, choristers and all who are interested in the study of worship gather under one roof.

Dr Truscott gave two addresses based on his recently published book Twelve Whys of Worship, which explores the reasons why Christians engage in the various acts of worship that form the Sunday service of Word and Sacrament. The first address on June 20 explored the “gathering” and “word” sections of the four-fold order of worship—the initial, preparatory acts of worship and the sharing of God’s Word through scripture readings and preaching.  The second address on June 21 focused on “meal” and “sending”—the Lord’s Supper and the concluding acts of the service.

As part of their registration packet, Symposium participants each received a copy of Twelve Whys, which is available from Armour Publishing and also at the TTC Reception desk on level 2. Thanks are due to MSM staff member (and TTC alumna) Ms Ellena Yeo for translating Twelve Whys into Chinese and to Rev Lu Chien Tiong of Malaysia for proofreading the Chinese text.