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The Love of Learning and the Desire for God . . .

The TTC library has a collection strength exceeding 105000 items. This includes approximately 91000 books both in English and Chinese, plus works in German, Latin and Greek sources. The Library also has over 900 theses from both our graduates and overseas institutions. Our collection focus is primarily in Biblical studies, Systemic Theology, Christian History, Missions and Pastoral Theology. However basic texts relating to Denominational studies, Philosophy, World Religions and the Social Sciences are also acquired as part of the overall collection development goal. 

The library also currently holds 200 serial titles from various publishers and institutions worldwide. Selected online editions of critical journal titles and well as the American Theological Library Association Serials (ATLAS) database is also subscribed to as part of the library's digital collection.      

A Southeast Asian Collection has also been set up in the library for the development of resources pertaining to this region. Included in this collection are the publications of the various churches, such as church anniversary magazines and reports. The aim of this collection is for the library to become a repository for the study of church history, and hence serving as a useful source of information.

The library has also a significant collection of microforms pertaining to the archives of several missionary societies. These include the Church Missionary Society Archives, the Methodist Missionary Society Archives, the Presbyterian Church of England Foreign Missions Archives and the Papers of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Addressing not only the religious but also the personal and social dimensions of their time, the content found in these microforms are a fascinating, informative and rich primary resource for the study of mission history and theology in East Asia.

A rare book collection is also found in the Library. Here books that were published more than 100 years ago are kept for restricted use. Among the gems found here is a set of the Chinese Bible translated by Robert Morrison and William Milne of the London Missionary Society. This translation was completed in 1819 and was printed in Malacca at the Anglo-Chinese College Press in 1823. Also found in our rare book collection is the Sheng Nian Guan Yi, a set of devotional materials compiled and translated into Chinese by Jesuit Priest Joseph Anne Marie de Moyriac de Mailla who went to China in 1703. This set was published in 1738. It is a collection of daily meditations including scripture, the teaching of the Saints, biographies of Christians, daily meditations and daily prayers.

Apart from the open shelving system, which can accommodate more than 90000 books, the library has a fully automated compactor system that provides additional stacking space for 30000 volumes. Study carrels are provided for doctoral students of TTC's postgraduate school as well as visiting scholars. A space has also been set aside for leisure reading. This not only enhances the ambience of the library but also allows members to find a comfortable place where reading can be done.

As we continue to grow in our collection strength and services, it is our goal that TTC library will become a valuable site of specialized collection among Singapore libraries. Furthermore, we seek to become an established center for theological research & study in the region. And lastly, we hope to encourage and promote a greater literacy for theological education and pastoral formation through our collection and services.

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Donating to the Library

TTC is grateful to many who have contributed generously to the development of the library. Our mission is to develop a well equipped research library, providing for collections and services that will enhance  Christian learning and scholarship. We invite you to consider sharing in our vision by sponsoring the purchase of specific resources for the library or donating your personal collection. For any enquires, please write to the Librarian at: 

Resource Spotlight


Handbook of Theological Education in World Christianity: Theological Perspectives; Ecumenical Trends; Regional Surveys.

"This is a world-class resource for all who feel the need for continuing ecumenical formation. The editors and authors are first-rate interpreters of the role of theological education in the churchs' quest for unity in witness, dialogue and closer coorperation."

Olav Fykse Tveit, General Secretary, WCC

"No collection of essays has ever been produced that so brings into focus where we are in theological education today. A well prepared cadre of church leaders plays an important role in navigating us through the uncertain waters ahead."

Robert J. Schreiter, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, USA