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TTC Faculty Publications

 Hybrids, Cybrids & ChimerasTitle            : Hybrids, Cybrids and Chimeras
                     The Ethics of Interspecies Research

Author       :  Roland Chia

Publisher  :  ARMOUR Publishing Pte Ltd, 2011

Synopsis : In September 2010, the Bioethics Advisory Committee (BAC) of Singapore published a report entitled 'Human-Animal Combination in Stem Cell Research' which recommends certain forms of chimera research, especially the creation of cytoplasmic hybrid embryos.  Interspecies research, which involves the mixing of human and animal genetic materials, is attractive because of its potential benefits to genetic science and medicine. 


How should Christians respond to such research? Commissioned by the National Council of Churches in Singapore, Hybrids, Cybrids, and Chimeras explores the theological and ethical implications of interspecies research from a Christian perspective.

 The Gospel according to MarkTitle              : The Gospel according to Mark

Author         :  Tan Kim Huat

Publisher    :  Asia Theological Association, 2011

Synopsis : This series of commentaries on all the books of the Old and New Testament is designed to enable readers to understand the Scriptures in their own context, and to interpret and apply them to the plurality of Asian cultures in which they live and work.

The series is designed for use by pastors in their expository ministry of preaching, teaching and counseling, by teachers and students in their theological studies, and by men and women who lead small groups in churches and homes.

The Theodicy of Peter Taylor Forsyth

Title            : The Theodicy of Peter Taylor Forsyth

Author        :  Leow Theng Huat

Publisher   :  PICKWICK Publications, 2011

Synopsis : The theodicy of the remarkable Scottish Congregationalist theologian Peter Taylor Forsyth has long been recognized as a vital and significant contribution to twentieth-century theology.  Up until now, however, there has not been a substantial full-length treatment of Forsyth's work on the problem of evil.  The Theodicy of Peter Taylor Forsyth fills this lacuna by setting out, in a fairly systematic and comprehensive manner, Forsyth's justification of God in the face of evil.  In so doing, it also illuminates several other related areas of his thought, such as his epistemology and Christology, as well as his understanding of sin, the atonement, providence, divine passibility, human origins, and the God-world relationship.

Worship by Dr Jeffrey Truscott

Title           : Worship: A Practical Guide

Author      :  Jeffrey Truscott

Publisher Singapore: Genesis Publication, 2011.

Synopsis : Worship: A Practical Guide is an ecumenical resource for worship leaders, written by a scholar with more than 10 years of teaching and worship leadership experience in Asia.  It offers a biblical understanding of worship in accessible terms and draws out practical implications for Sunday worship.  The meaning and structure of the Sunday service is at the centre of the discussion.  The chapters on ritual, culture, music and time will especially enhance the reader's appreciation for the richness of Christian worship.  Asian Christians of diverse traditions will find this work enlightening and helpful for ministry.

Laws of the Hearts

Title           : Laws of the Heart: The Ten Commandments for Christian Living

Author      :  Roland Chia

Publisher Singapore: Genesis Publication, 2008.

Synopsis : Christians sometimes fail to understand what the Ten Commandments are all about.  The Ten Commandments should not be reduced to a list of do’s and don’ts.  Their true purpose and meaning can only be understood when they are located in the covenant of grace that God has established with His people.  They have to do with attitudes, and the dispositions of the heart.  They have to do with our relationship with God.  In this book, which started as a series of sermons, Roland Chia unearths from the Ten Commandments some insights for the spiritual life.  These reflections provide the reader with glimpses of inexhaustible truths that will strengthen his or her faith in God.

BioMedical Ethics & The Church

Title           : Biomedical Ethics and the Church: An Introduction

Author      : Roland Chia

Publisher Singapore: National Council of Churches of Singapore, 2010.

Synopsis : This book provides a basic theological and ethical framework within which Christians can responsibly reflect on issues such as cloning and the use of human stem cells for research and therapy.  Although the issues relate directly to biomedical sciences and medicine, the principles delineated are relevant for evaluating other aspects of biotechnology.  This book also invites the Church to engage with these important developments by helping her members understand the issues and concerns, and by being an active and responsible participant in public debates.  It is written with the conviction that Christian views on these issues can enrich public understanding of their implications and contribute to the common good of society. 

A Guide to Galatians & Philippians

Title           : A Guide to Galatians and Philippians

Author      : Tan Kim Huat

Publisher : London: SPCK, 2009.

Synopsis : For many Christians, the letters to Galatians and the Philippians seem to be opposites.  In Galatians, Paul’s tone is combative and aggressive.  In Philippians, he appears much more nurturing and encouraging.  Yet beneath these differences, there is a harmony that can only be revealed by studying these letters side by side. Central to the two letters is Paul's understanding of God’s grace and how grace transforms lives through the gift of faith in Christ. The radical message of Galatians and Philippians is that just as there is one God, there can be only one family of God held together by love, forbearance and humility - there are no classes or hierarchies for those who accept the way of Christ.

God Makes Sense

Title           : God Makes Sense Even When Life Doesn't

Author       : Gordon Wong

Publisher : Singapore: Genesis, 2008

Synopsis : Our struggle with human suffering.  Our shame of human sin.  Our search for human significance.  Life sometimes makes sense, but what do we do when it doesn't?  Why is there so much suffering?  Why do human beings treat each other so sinfully?  What is the significance and meaning of life?  This book offers a summary of the Bible's response to these universal questions, and explains why believing in God makes sense, even when life doesn't.

The War between the 2 Beasts and the 2 Witnesses

Title            : The War Between The Two Beasts and The Two Witnesses

Author       : Antoninus King Wai Siew

Publisher : London: T & T Clark, 2005

Synopsis : This book examines the literary-structure of Revelation 11:1-14:5 and seeks to understand the form and content of the said textual unit.  The purpose is to clarify the nature of events found within this literary unit with special reference to how the figure of three and a half years unifies the seemingly unconnected narratives into an integrated and coherent whole.

A number of titles can be purchased through Armour Publishing. 
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CSCA Publications

CSCA - Church Partnership in Asia

Title                 : Church Partnership in Asia: A Singapore Conversation 
Contributors : This book includes essays by 26 church leaders and theologians from India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, and Korea, which include presentations by Zosangliana Colney (India), Gao Feng (China), and Stephen Than Myint Oo (Myanmar), Michael Poon and Kimhong Hazra offer interpretative essays to place the conversations in context.
Edited by        : Michael Poon

Synopsis       : This collection of essays introduces readers to what is important to the character and forms of church partnership at the beginning of the twenty-first century, as viewed by major Asian Protestant church leaders.  The essays are based on the papers presented in a conference on 'Cooperation and Partnership in the Mission of Church in the 21st Century' held in Singapore 2009.    

Law & Justice in Singapore

Title                 : Issues of Law and Justice in Singapore

Contributors : Daniel K. S. Koh, Kiem-Kiok Kwa, Debbie Ong, Tan Seow Hon, Thio Li-ann,
                           William Wan and Gordon Wong

Edited by        : Daniel K. S. Koh and Kiem-Kiok Kwa

Synopsis       : This book puts together in one accessible volume what some Singapore Christians think about matters of law and justice in their own country.  Readers will be able to identify some common interests, and gain further understanding of how thoughful Christians have sought to contribute to developing a wholesome social vision, "based on justice and equality", for a multi-racial, multi-religious society.

Christian Movements in S.E.A.

Title                 : Christian Movements in Southeast Asia

Contributors : Simon Chan, Charles Farhadian, Roger Hedlund, Michael Poon,

                           John Roxborogh and Andrew Walls

Edited by        : Michael Nai-Chiu Poon

Synopsis       : This book discusses present-day Southeast Asian Christian movements amid huge social and political changes in the region.

Michael Poon, editor of the volume and director of the Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia, notes there is a need "to deepen the understanding and expression of the theological nature of Christian movements in our lands, to encourage their growth, and help ensure that these newer expressions and practices are connected to the central calling of the whole church."

The Quest for Covenant Community
Title                  : Annual Lectures 2006
                           The Quest for Covenant Community and Pluralist Democracy in an
                           Islamic Context

Author             : Ng Kam Weng

Edited by        : Mark LY Chan

Synopsis       : This volume explores the possibility of democratic pluralism from within the predominantly Islamic context of Malaysia, and proposes the concept of Covenant as a promising basis for collaboration between Christianity and Islam.  Responses from Ibrahim M Abu-Rabi', Robert A Hunt and Peter G Riddell are included.

Church and Mission in the New Asia

Title                  : Annual Lectures 2007
                           Church and Mission in the New Asia - New Gods, New Identities

Author             : Vinoth Ramachandra

Edited by        : Kimhong Hazra

Synopsis        : Vinoth Ramachandra explores the historical, sociological and technological landscape of Asian cities; critiques how these social realities are shaping Asian identities; and discusses their implications for Church and Mission in Asia today.  Alternative perspectives in responses from Simon Chan of Singapore, Melba Maggay of the Philippines, and Martin Sinaga of Indonesia are also included.

Monograph 1 - Malay Encounter

Title                  : CSCA Monograph Series
                            Malay Encounter During Benjamin Peach Keasberry's Time in
                            Singapore 1835 to 1875

Author             : Teo Eng Liang (2009)

Synopsis       : This monograph is the result of an analysis of the Malay encounter of Benjamin Peach Keasberry from 1835 to 1875.  BP Keasberry's letters and journals were discovered through microfiche records of School of Oriental and African Studies, Council of the World Mission Archives, Ultra Ganges at Trinity Theological College's library.  The London Missionary Society (LMS) was the earliest mission society in Singapore and BP Keasberry was one of their members.  The incoming correspondences of the missionaries to the LMS Foreign Secretary provided an interesting window to see how the church and mission in Singapore engaged the Malay World with the gospel.

  CSCA Occasional Paper Series
Occasional Paper 1

Occasional Paper No. 1   

Title  : Facing the History of the Nation:  The Journey of a Japanese Christian Scholar

By      : Takamitsu Muraoka

Occasional Paper 2

Occasional Paper No. 2   

Title  : Forms of Mission Engagement
                - A CSCA Forum

Occasional Paper 3

    Occasional Paper No. 3

Title  : Asia in Christian History
                - A CSCA Workshop

Occasional Paper 4

    Occasional Paper No. 4

Title  : Challenges for Christian Living in Indonesian Borneo
                - A Sojourner's Perspective

By     : Ruth Schafer

Occasional Paper 5
Occasional Paper No. 5           

Title  : Money, Morality and an Uncertain World
                - A Singapore Conversation

By     : Stephen Green and Hsieh Fu Hua

Edited by : Michael Poon

All publications may be purchased at TTC Admin Office Reception, level 2.

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