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The Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia Print
The Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia is a research arm of Trinity Theological College. CSCA focuses on three research areas: Asian Christianity, Faith and Society, and Mission Practice. It provides a learning and collaborative environment where church leaders and scholars can conduct rigorous intellectual enquiry on Christian life in the geopolitically and ethnic-religiously plural contexts in the region. CSCA aims to build up locally based Southeast Asian Christian scholarship through its publication programme. CSCA  especially supports the long-term strategic needs of the governing churches of the College.

CSCA research staff includes:

  • Rev. Canon Dr Michael Nai-Chiu Poon, Director & Asian Christianity Research Coordinator E-mail
  • Rev. Dr Mark Chan, Faith and Society Research Coordinator E-mail
  • Rev. Yap Seok Chin, Mission Practice Research Coordinator E-mail  

The coordinators provide research leadership in their respective areas.
The Centre also appoints Honorary Fellows from the wider Christian academic community and among exemplar practitioners in the SE Asian region to augment its research expertise.  Click here for the list of Honorary Fellows.
Please direct CSCA matters to